Center for Glenwood Archival Collection

Mission Statement

Reflective of Glenwood Cemetery’s long history of serving the public are voluminous archival records and original source holdings that document its residents and operations for over 150 years. These records contain the day-to-day business of the Cemetery and serve to memorialize the people interred there, revealing a vast store of genealogical and historical information.

Our mission for the Glenwood Cemetery Archive is to acquire, preserve, and maintain these unique and original records. These documents are primary sources of information and cannot be found in any other repository around the world.

Vision and Values

Glenwood Cemetery archives serve as the institutional memory of the unique lives that have impacted Houston’s history.

We value our collections power to motivate learning, preserve history, connect lives, and inspire wonder. We are dedicated to the long-term stewardship of the resources entrusted to our care.

The Collections connect people with historical artifacts of physical and digital materials in support of a wide range of teaching, research, and learning.

Research our Records

Collection 1

Pamphlets, Mail-outs, Brochures, Booklets, Etc.

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Collection 3

Restoration Projects

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Collection 4

Interment Information & Advanced/Special Care

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Collection 5

Boundaries, Developments, Acquisitions, And Construction Projects

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Collection 6


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Collection 7

Maps & Surveys

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Restricted Collections

The following collections are restricted and require approval for viewing, please get in touch to learn more about viewing items in these collections.

Collection 2 Annual lot Owner’s/ Board of Directors Meetings

Collection 14 Digital Materials
Most of this material is cross referenced from other collection. Ex: Veteran dedication photographs are put on a CD, or internment lot records that were copied onto film.

Collection 18 Fundraising Campaigns/ Donor Information

Collection 19 Financial Information (Completely Restricted)

Educator's Resources

Primary School Worksheets

Worksheets for primary school students.

Secondary School Worksheets

Worksheets for secondary school students.

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To schedule a field trip or visit, please contact Glenwood Cemetery. Our tours can accommodate up to 80 students at a time

Look through over 150 Years of Pictoral History

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Archive viewing and research is available by appointment only.

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How to Donate to the Materials Archive

The Glenwood Cemetery Archive welcomes gifts of archival materials that fall within the scope of itscollecting activities, that will enhance the strength of our collections, and that support the historicalintegrity of Glenwood’s history

Reproduction Policy

The Archival collection is available for study and research; however, to preserve original documents and photographs and to maintain the integrity of the collection, none of the materials are allowed to leave the archives or to be reproduced without authorization.

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Donation of Materials

The mission of The Glenwood Cemetery Archive is to collect, describe, preserve, and make available enduring records of the cemetery, as well as primary source materials with enduring historical value for the study, teaching and research needs of students, historians, and staff.

Reproduction Policy

The Center for Glenwood will provide a place to gather for families, visitors, and community members alike, a place to host events, such as educational seminars, a place to research and connect with the history and legacies memorialized at Glenwood and a place that will help the community to experience all that Glenwood Cemetery has to offer.